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Thailand tropical island palm trees

The land of red and green curry, spectacular beaches and hospitality that defies human nature – Thailand is a tourist’s dream destination. It is probably impossible to do the whole country in one go, or even choose from the unending options; but every place in Thailand is a winner. Whether it is a city break with cheap shopping, great dining and relaxing massages that you wish for and decide on visiting Bangkok; or it is the beautiful beaches, exciting water sports and lounging in the sun that you are dreaming of, Thailand has it all. You could even take an affordable golfing break at one of the many hill resorts in the country.

Choose from its many beach cities with their stunning resorts which become quite reasonable once the tourist rush passes – Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya or Krabi. Thailand is an all-weather destination, but the best time to visit is certainly the super expensive winter months. Deal seekers could wait it out till mid-January when the tourist hordes ebb and prices start to dip – that is the time for the best deals on hospitality coupled with favourable weather.

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