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Caribbean, Honduras, Roatan Island, West End Beach, Palm tree on a beach

Bargain alert! There is Belize, Costa Rica and even Guatemala for those of you looking to explore Central America. But the real deal in this region has got to be Honduras. Honduras may not be on most visited lists, but get here to discover what you have been missing. Beaches that rival the beauty of the Maldives, diving comparable to the Red Sea and super cheap food and drink. You can have the best time at some INR 1,600 a day. For a complete Caribbean style feel, head to the idyllic beaches along the northern coast of Honduras. One of the best locations here is Puerto Cortes, a lively port with a dominating Spanish heritage which has survived till today.

You could also go to Omoa, a pretty as a picture seaside town with a colonial fortress worth an exploratory trip. If you are looking for more post-colonial beauty, head to Comayagua’s historic town centre with its quaint Spanish influence houses, cathedral and plazas. A small city about two-hour drive from the capital Tegucigalpa, Comayagua was once a political and religious hub, so the rich heritage in the form of buildings and structures. No visit to Comayagua is complete with a stop at one of the plaza cafes for a traditional Honduran baguette or bistek sandwich break – try cafe La Casa de Sandwich where you can get your fix for about INR 125 and also picnic at the Parque Central nearby.

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