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Couple riding scooter in Buenos Aires

There is a lot to see in Argentina, the eighth largest country in the world – from the central plains in La Pampa all the way to the Andes and its mountainous western border with Chile. The capital city of Buenos Aires, with its reputation of being one of the most exciting cities around the world, is all bright lights and thumping nightlife. Get a taste of flashy Buenos Aires without spending big bucks by staying away from the exclusive party places and you could get by on about INR 2,100 a day. Spend your days getting an eyeful of the bright and bold murals that are draped over various buildings around the capital, or explore the streets of San Telmo and enjoy the Bohemian vibe at the bars and eateries in the area.

This is much easier on the pocket than a night out at any of the hotspots in tourist magnet Recoleta. Head to the southern tip of Argentina to experience some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world. You can take a cheap though long bus trip – 24 to 36 hours – from Buenos Aires, to reach Patagonia and visit Tierra del Fuego. Internal flights will also take you to Tierra del Fuego, though they will be more expensive. This is the most southerly city in the world and a base camp for excursions to the Antarctic. Spend time checking out penguins, dolphins and whales in Península Valdés, which is a UNESCO protected nature reserve.

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