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Remote Bolivia, also known as the Tibet of the Americas, is one of two landlocked countries in South America (the other one is Paraguay). Experience the Spanish colonial era on Calle Jaén, in the capital city La Paz. Wander around some beautifully preserved colonial beauties – whitewashed structures with tiny ornate black balconies. This area is also La Paz’s museum center – a highlight being the former home of Pedro Domingo Murillo, the leader of the La Paz Revolution of 1809. You can actually museum hop for a grand total of INR 33. Once you have had your fill of culture and history, know that Bolivia is easily the cheapest place in all of South America for food and drink – we are talking a bottle of Paceña beer for INR 85 and a bowl of delicious chairo, or potato soup, for approximately the same amount! Bolivia is dodgy when it comes to the weather, so pack plenty of layers.

. Being surrounded by Altiplano mountains, La Paz, unlike the rest of the country which is hot and humid, remains cool through the year. Looking for some action? Make your way to Oruro, a city bang in the middle of the Altiplano, which is famous for its Carnival. The Carnival is an annual feature, held every February or March, in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria. Three hours by bus from La Paz is all it takes to be part of this UNESCO protected extravaganza which showcases indigenous and religious Bolivian culture, dotted with folk dance performances as well as a traditional parade.

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