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Angkor Wat with reflection pond before sunrise

With cheap accommodation options and even cheaper food, Cambodia is as reasonable as any international destination can be. Once a tourist no-go zone, Cambodia today is hot property on the travel map – popping up ever so often on many a bucket list. And it is not just backpackers we are talking about. Even tourists looking for five star luxuries – without wanting to sell an organ – find themselves headed to this beautiful country.

There are lots of fabulously priced accommodation options that are conveniently located – minutes from the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park – half the reason that most visitors head to Cambodia! A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must, and preferably at dawn when you can watch the sun rise from behind the iconic temple. Entry to the site costs INR 1,095 for the full day, though paying the discounted INR 2,190 for three days is a better deal – you will need the time considering the number of temples that dot the compound; plus the fact that the you will have to duck into the shade – or air conditioning – once the mid-day sun hits!

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